Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)

Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)

Zombie game are hard to survive even by daylight! Survival - that is your target

Android Android 5.0role-playing
4.0 ( 737 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Dead God Land: Survival Games
Publisher DevVision Games
Genre role-playing
Size 878 MB
Version 0.0.0170
Update Dec 27, 2023
MOD Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level
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Mod Version 0.0.0170
Total installs 100,000+
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Dead God Land: Survival Games is the most famous version in the Dead God Land: Survival Games series of publisher DevVision Games

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Craft
  • Unlimited Upgrade
  • Unlimited Building
  • Build Without Materials
  • Unlimited WorkBench SpeedUp
  • Map Travel 0 Buy
  • Gold Freeze
  • Level Max (43)
  • Unlimited Free Revive (Second Change)
  • Unlimited Learn Point
  • Unlimited Skils Point
  • Unlimited Credit
  • Full Durability

Dead God Land” Game Review: Unearth the Secrets of an Eerie World in a Thrilling Adventure


In the expansive world of gaming, “Dead God Land” emerges as a captivating and mysterious experience that combines elements of horror, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Developed to provide players with a spine-chilling journey, this game unfolds in a desolate landscape where ancient secrets and supernatural forces lurk. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the eerie depths of “Dead God Land,” exploring its gameplay mechanics, atmospheric design, challenges, and the immersive narrative that awaits players.

I. Atmospheric Design and Visual Immersion:

“Dead God Land” excels in creating an atmospheric and visually stunning world that draws players into its haunting narrative. The game’s graphics are rich in detail, capturing the eerie beauty of a landscape haunted by the remnants of forgotten civilizations. From abandoned temples to overgrown forests, each environment is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of mystery and foreboding.

II. Exploration and Unraveling the Unknown:

Central to the allure of “Dead God Land” is the emphasis on exploration. Players are encouraged to navigate through vast landscapes, uncovering hidden secrets and solving intricate puzzles along the way. The game’s open-world design allows for a non-linear experience, inviting players to forge their path and piece together the enigmatic narrative at their own pace.

III. Puzzle-Solving Dynamics:

As players traverse the desolate landscapes of “Dead God Land,” they encounter a variety of puzzles that serve as gateways to deeper mysteries. These puzzles are cleverly integrated into the environment, requiring keen observation and critical thinking to unravel. The satisfaction derived from solving these puzzles adds layers of engagement to the gameplay, making progression a rewarding intellectual challenge.

IV. Immersive Sound Design:

The auditory experience in “Dead God Land” is as hauntingly beautiful as its visual counterpart. The game employs an immersive sound design that enhances the atmosphere and evokes a sense of unease. From the rustling of leaves in the wind to distant echoes of otherworldly entities, every sound contributes to the overall sense of immersion, keeping players on edge as they explore the mysterious landscape.

V. Narrative Depth and Storytelling:

“Dead God Land” weaves a narrative shrouded in mystery and dark lore. As players uncover fragments of the story through exploration and interaction, they become entwined in the unsettling history of the game world. The narrative unfolds gradually, revealing the fates of ancient civilizations and the supernatural forces that bind the land, creating a compelling backdrop for the player’s journey.

VI. Challenges and Survival Elements:

Survival in “Dead God Land” is not just about solving puzzles; it’s about navigating through perilous situations and confronting otherworldly threats. The game introduces elements of survival horror, requiring players to manage resources, avoid supernatural adversaries, and strategize their approach to each unfolding challenge. This blend of puzzle-solving and survival adds layers of complexity to the overall gaming experience.

VII. Character Progression and Upgrades:

As players delve deeper into the mysteries of “Dead God Land,” they can unlock character progression and upgrades. These enhancements, ranging from new abilities to improved survival skills, provide a sense of empowerment as players face increasingly daunting challenges. The progression system adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, rewarding players for their exploration and mastery of the game’s mechanics.

VIII. Regular Updates and Community Engagement:

To keep the experience fresh and engaging, the developers of “Dead God Land” commit to regular updates. These updates may introduce new story elements, expand the game world, or add additional challenges. The interaction with the player community through forums and feedback channels showcases a dedication to evolving the game based on the experiences and preferences of its player base.

IX. Monetization Model and In-Game Purchases:

While “Dead God Land” offers a gripping experience, it is essential to consider its monetization model.  These purchases could include cosmetic items, character skins, or expedited progression. Striking a balance between providing optional purchases and maintaining the integrity of the core gaming experience is crucial for player satisfaction.


In conclusion, “Dead God Land” stands as a captivating and atmospheric gaming experience that excels in creating an immersive world filled with mystery and challenges. With its meticulous design, engaging puzzles, narrative depth, and survival elements, the game offers players a journey into the unknown. The commitment to regular updates and community engagement indicates a developer dedicated to evolving the game and delivering ongoing excitement. Unearth the secrets of “Dead God Land” today and embark on a chilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Hi everyone! Thanks to players who cared, we fixed a whole bunch of bugs! Thank you all very much! If you find more bugs, please write us.


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Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)

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Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0170 APK MOD Latest Version (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level) 0.0.0170 MOD
December 28, 2023 878 MB

What's Mod:

Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level
Dead God Land v0.0.0163 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0163 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level) 0.0.0163 MOD
November 12, 2023 878 MB

What's Mod:

Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level
Dead God Land v0.0.0160 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0160 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level) 0.0.0160 apk
November 4, 2023
Dead God Land v0.0.0150 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0150 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level) 0.0.0150 apk
October 13, 2023
Dead God Land v0.0.0140 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level)
Dead God Land v0.0.0140 APK MOD (Menu/Unlimited Money/Max Level) 0.0.0140 apk
September 8, 2023

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